Elder Law

  • Currently litigating case brought by daughter for cancellation of Will and elder abuse against other family member not related to the decedent by blood and a assisted living facility. The client asserted a claim against the relative arising out of allegations that the relative changed the existing Will in favor of the daughter to be in favor of the distantly related relative by acts of financial elder abuse. The client also brought claims against the assisted living facility for assisting the distantly related relative in preventing client from exercising her visitation rights, and for committing acts of elder abuse on the decedent. The case is still pending in the San Bernardino county.
  • Currently defending a client who after being convicted of a count of felony elder abuse was sued, along with three members of her family, for civil elder abuse. Successfully defeated the States’ Motion for Summary Judgment such that a trial is scheduled to take place in 2014 on the issue of whether additional monies are due to the estate above and beyond the amount of restitution that was ordered by the trial court judge in the criminal matter.